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Explore dental insurance plans

Looking for individual dental insurance or a dental plan for your family? Shop for affordable dental coverage by selecting your state.

It's easier than ever to manage your benefits on the go!

Maximize your health, wherever you are. Delta Dental Mobile has been redesigned to make it even easier for you to use your dental benefits. Download our mobile app for quick access to your ID card, dentist search, claims and coverage and more on your mobile device. Learn more about Delta Dental's mobile app now.

Find a dentist near you.

With more than four out of five dentists in our networks, it's easy to find a dentist in your neighborhood. Search our dentist directory for a Delta Dental dentist near you.

Protect your family's oral health

Did you know that 75 percent of children don't visit the dentist before age 3? Learn more about the steps you can take to help keep all of the mouths in your life healthy.

Individual Dental Insurance

Dental insurance encourages great oral health

Great oral health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Our individual dental insurance plans can help you maximize your oral health. In fact, people with dental insurance are more than twice as likely to visit their dentist regularly. Use our individual dental insurance locator to find an individual or family dental insurance plan today.

Choosing A Dental Plan white paper

Choosing a dental insurance plan can be overwhelming—monthly premiums, annual maximums, deductibles and more leave you with a lot to consider. Delta Dental wants to make your decision easier by demystifying the process of selecting a dental insurance plan.

Learn About Oral Health

Our e-magazine, Grin!, has something for everyone: oral-health friendly recipes, tips on floss and toothbrushes, oral health history and more. Read our latest issue of Grin! now to brush up on your oral health IQ.

Wouldn't it be nice to know if you were at risk for oral disease before it became a problem? By taking just a few minutes to answer some simple questions about yourself and your oral health, our myDentalScore tool will assess your level of oral disease risk and your oral health needs. Visit myDentalScore today to find out how your oral health scores.

Delta Dental's resident dental expert, William Kohn, DDS, is blogging about oral health issues. Visit the Delta Dental Blog to read our latest posts on a variety of oral health topics.