Guy doing yoga Guy doing yoga Guy doing yoga

Relax, breathe deep and improve your teeth

Yoga is great for managing the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Find out how it can also help your oral health.

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Dentist Dentist Dentist

On topic with Dr. Dill: combating the opioid crisis

Each day, more than 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose. The dental community — working hand in hand with medical, law enforcement and education communities — is helping combat this problem to prevent opioid misuse. Find out how to do your part. 

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Girl biting nails Girl biting nails Girl biting nails

Two-word answers

Q: Does biting my nails harm my health?

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E-cigarette E-cigarette E-cigarette

Dental trend spotlight: Are e-cigarettes safe?

Vaping is especially popular among youth — so much so that U.S. health officials are calling it an epidemic. Many teens who smoke have switched to e-cigarettes, believing they are a healthier alternative.

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Baby Baby Baby

How children with clefts can thrive

Thousands of babies are born each year with a cleft palate or cleft lip. But with treatment, most will live healthy lives. Find out more about this common condition.

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