Questions to ask before your child has a tooth pulled

When a baby tooth falls out, it can be exciting. After all, it means a visit — and possibly a reward — from the Tooth Fairy. While most baby teeth come out naturally or with just a little wiggling, there are times when young children must have baby teeth removed or older children need permanent teeth pulled.


Learn what to ask the dentist to help you and your children know what to expect.
Prepping for a lifetime of healthy smiles


Prepping for a lifetime of healthy smiles

Good oral health habits start early in life. How do you get your children on the right path while they’re in elementary school?

Woman in snow Woman in snow Woman in snow
10 reasons to smile

This season holds so much potential for you to try something new and create lasting memories. Need some inspiration? 

Discover 10 ways to experience winter that will simply make you grin.