Fun + Inspiration

Make your own kind of fun this winter

They’re easy. They’re entertaining. And they’ll give you a creative outlet this winter. You can bring the season into your home with these DIY activities.

Try these projects.

woman-blowing-nose-1200x800-video.jpg woman-blowing-nose-1200x800-video.jpg woman-blowing-nose-1200x800-video.jpg

The medicines and beverages you use to help treat a cold or flu could leave your teeth vulnerable to cavities. It's important to know how to fight a cold or flu this winter while also protecting your smile.

Watch for healthy tips.



woman-pouring-soup-1200x800.jpg woman-pouring-soup-1200x800.jpg woman-pouring-soup-1200x800.jpg

We have lots of ideas to help you enjoy the great indoors. You can keep busy, stay healthy and help others with our seasonal to-do list.

Find ways to grin.