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On topic with Dr. Dill: Is light-activated whitening safe for my teeth?

There are more options than ever for whitening your teeth at home. See what you should consider before trying these over-the-counter products. 

Weigh the pros and cons of light-activated whitening.

What marijuana could do to your mouth

Marijuana is becoming legal in more states. For all the potential health benefits, research shows there are downsides, too. 

See what could happen to your oral health if you use marijuana.

How 3D technology can help your teeth

You’ll be amazed by recent advances in dentistry. See how revolutionary 3D technology is making some dental procedures faster and easier. 

See why 3D technology is growing in popularity. 

How your smile is linked to your health

Taking great care of your oral health is good for more than just your smile. Did you know keeping your mouth healthy can also help keep your body healthy?

Learn the connections between oral and overall health.