Two-word answers


Is it common to be able to curl your tongue into a tube?


Very common.

65%-81% of people have no problem rolling their tongue, according to the University of Delaware.

This popular party trick engages the tongue’s four intrinsic muscles – the ones that are only connected to other areas of the tongue. Your tongue’s other muscles are called extrinsic muscles and attach to other parts of the mouth.

Because of its complex anatomy, the tongue is an all-star player when it comes to mouth function. It rarely gets tired even though it’s responsible for distinguishing between flavors, facilitating chewing, initiating swallowing and more. It can curl, contract, extend and bend in any direction.

You can thank your tongue for turning noise from your vocal cords into meaningful words at a speed of up to 90 words a minute.

With all that activity, it’s important to keep your tongue in tiptop shape by brushing it daily. The tongue provides an ideal environment for halitosis-causing bacteria, so make sure you’re reaching all the way to the back of your tongue when you brush. If you experience bad breath, there’s a good chance your tongue is the culprit.

Take care of your tongue, and it’ll help you taste, talk and chew anytime you need it to! (Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?)