What's your brushing style?

A fun look at common brushing habits, from scrubbing too hard to going too fast. See whether the way you brush resembles one of five styles.

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Mouth-friendly recipe: vegetarian pumpkin chili

Nothing beats comfort foods like a warm bowl of chili. This perfect-for-fall recipe is packed with pumpkin, which is a good source of two antioxidants — vitamins A and C — that help fight off infection and protect your smile.

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Oral health tips for teens

The teenage years tend to be busy running around to games, practices and other activities. Here’s how to help your teen take care of their teeth (and braces) during this hectic time.

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Readers ask, we answer

Q: Should I brush before or after breakfast?

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Your fall smile list

These 10 to-do's will make you grin!

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