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Detecting diabetes: your mouth may be key

Many people with diabetes don’t even realize they have the disease. Do you know the symptoms, including those related to oral health?

See why it’s important to detect and treat diabetes early.

Readers ask, we answer: Can I get sick from my toothbrush?

Your toothbrush can easily become contaminated with unwanted bacteria. But does it pose a danger to your health?

Get five helpful tips for keeping toothbrush bacteria at bay.

The power of a smile: 3 ways fortune smiles on those with healthy grins

Research shows smiling can benefit you in numerous ways — from making a great first impression to making a lasting impact.

See why it’s so important to keep a healthy smile.



More meatless alternatives to beef and chicken

Plant-based alternatives to meat are growing in popularity. We weigh the pros and cons of adding them to your diet.

Learn how to pick the healthiest versions of meatless alternatives.

The important role of vitamin D

Vitamin D is the unsung hero in helping build strong teeth and bones. Are you getting enough of this key vitamin in your diet?

Find out how vitamin D works and discover where you can get more of it.