Your heart and your mouth: more connected than you know

You’ve heard the debate about following your head or your heart. Here's some evidence that there’s a connection between the two — and why you need to nurture both for the best outcome.

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On topic with Dr. Dill: Your medicine may damage your smile.

Your pharmacist likely shared potential side effects of your medicine with you. These can be more than uncomfortable — they can become unbearable. 

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History of oral health: the vital facts about vitamins

Vitamins have evolved over the years. While some may now be pretty tasty, are they good for your teeth?

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Readers ask, we answer: What does drinking tea do for my smile?

A cup of hot green tea can be more than relaxing. It can potentially help your oral and overall health. 

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Dental trend spotlight: Are e-cigarettes safe?

Vaping is especially popular among youth — so much so that U.S. health officials are calling it an epidemic. Many teens who smoke have switched to e-cigarettes.

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