Dental benefits

An oral health guide for women 50+

Being a women brings unique health concerns at certain life stages, including an increased risk of dental disease as you grow older. 

See how to keep your mouth healthy as you age.

On topic with Dr. Dill: 3 reasons people avoid going to the dentist

A new survey reveals why some people avoid regular dental visits. Their reasoning may surprise you. 

Find out why it’s important to see the dentist regularly.

What does preventive dental care cover?

Preventive dental care helps keep your smile healthy. But do you know what’s included as part of this valuable coverage?

See the important services offered through preventive care.

5 ways to care for your smile when planning for a transplant

Receiving a new heart, lung, liver or kidney can save your life. But did you realize that it can also take a toll on your oral health? 

Find out how to get your mouth ready for this life-changing procedure.

Seal the deal and protect your teeth

About 1 in 5 children will have untreated tooth decay by the time they’re 19. Beyond a good daily oral health routine, what could help your child avoid cavities?

See how effective sealants can be in fighting against cavities.