6 can't-miss essentials for summer camp

It’s time for summer fun! As kids go off to camp, it’s important they pack everything they will need for protection from the elements. Here are some must-haves to remember.

Basic toiletries

Don’t forget a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss to get those camp foods out of their teeth. Remind your kids to keep brushing and flossing each day, even when they’re away from home. Pack some mouthwash with fluoride as well, which can keep their breath minty fresh and help protect against tooth decay.

Outdoor protection

Being out in the sun provides exposure to vitamin D. That’s great for overall and oral health because it helps absorb calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth. But be sure to pack lots of sunscreen. Did you know that lips are also vulnerable to sunburns? To protect your children’s smiles, make sure they use lip balm with SPF before spending time in the sun. And don’t forget the bug spray and anti-itch cream.

Active equipment

Provide your kids with a water bottle to stay hydrated. Water will help cleanse their mouths with every sip, which can help prevent cavities. It also doesn’t contain the extra sugar found in soda, juice and sports drinks. Don’t forget to pack a mouth guard for camp activities like baseball or basketball. It can help prevent broken teeth and mouth injuries.

Healthy snacks

While the kids may be indulging in some treats, avoid sending them to camp with extra sugary sweets. Instead, pack some healthy apples and almonds. Sugar-free gum with xylitol can also help clean your kids’ teeth at times of the day when they can’t get to their toothbrushes.

Personal needs

Do your children wear retainers? Remind them to bring theirs to camp, along with a storage case for mealtime, and any other special items your children may need while away from home.

Evening and emergency supplies

A flashlight and batteries will help your children find their way at night without crashing into someone and causing a possible injury to your children’s bodies or teeth. Send them to camp with some emergency phone numbers and a copy of their dental benefits cards in case something does happen while they’re away.