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Growing herbs will make you smile

Herbs are not only easy to grow, but they’re also good for you. Discover three herbs that can improve your oral health and learn how to work them into your diet. 

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Mouth-friendly recipe: zucchini-squash casserole

This delicious dish will give you good reason to smile. And you can help protect that smile with the tooth-friendly in-season ingredients in this recipe.

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5 surprising foods to add to your summer menu

Try these tasty foods while they’re at their peak freshness. You’re sure to feel good about eating them when you see all of their health benefits.

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Readers ask, we answer: What’s the source of my headache?

Your headache may have started with an issue in your mouth. Learning the link could be the key to finding relief.

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Can food allergies harm your oral health?

Many of the signs and symptoms of a food allergy take place in your mouth. But there are more ways a food allergy can influence your oral health — from medication side effects to diet changes.

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