Dental trend spotlight: Xylitol products

You may have noticed an ingredient called "xylitol" appearing in products from gum to peanut butter. Proponents tout its benefits, but before popping a piece of xylitol gum in your mouth, it's good to pop a couple of questions. 

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On topic with Dr. Kohn: Seasonal depression and your oral health

You may have a bad day or two, but if it drags on, you may suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

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Crazy for cranberries

Cranberries are full of disease-fighting antioxidants, but do you know how they get that way? Discover the cranberry’s long journey from vine to store to table.

Readers ask, we answer: Teeth sensitivity in the winter

Lexi asks, “My teeth ache when it’s really cold out. Why does this happen?”

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The connection between oral and mental health

Recent research suggests that people with anxiety or depression may experience a decline in oral health. 

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