Dental insurance plans in Wisconsin

Help keep your smile healthy with Delta Dental of Wisconsin, the state’s #1 dental insurance provider. At Delta Dental of Wisconsin, we offer a wide variety of affordable dental and vision insurance plan options for individuals, families, and businesses alike.



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Fully insured dental plans

Employer-sponsored dental plans with unmatched flexibility, bench-marking data and plan reporting, with the best in-network utilization and customer service – all at affordable rates.

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Self-funded dental plans

Custom plan administration for employer-sponsored dental plans that includes a suite of powerful reporting tools, access to the largest dentist networks, and industry-leading service.

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Individual & family

Whether you're self-employed, retired, or need dental coverage because your employer doesn't offer it, we offer cost-effective choices for individuals and families.                

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At Delta Dental of Wisconsin, we also offer vision benefits that cover eye exams, glasses, contacts, and more.

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A reason to smile

Delta Dental of Wisconsin makes dental benefits easy through exceptional service, quick and accurate claims payment, the most in-network providers, and affordable coverage for customers and their employees. We believe what makes us different is what makes us better.



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More places to save money on dental procedures courtesy of the largest dental networks.

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Customer service

Representatives in Wisconsin answering phones and getting members the information they need quickly – typically on the first call.

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Providing wellness and dental information for customers and members.

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