Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Products and Services

Q. Does Delta Dental sell individual dental insurance?

Q. What types of dental insurance plans does Delta Dental offer?

Q. Does Delta Dental offer vision insurance?

Using Your Benefits

Q. What kind of plan do I have and what are my benefits?

Q. How do I check to see if I have met my deductible and/or what is remaining on my annual maximum?

Q. How can I find a participating dentist in my area?

Q. Do I have to select a Primary Care Dentist?

Q. Is my dentist in Delta Dental's network?

Q. What are the benefits of visiting a Delta Dental network dentist?

Q. Can I visit a non-participating dentist?

Q. Can my dentist join the network?

Q. What happens when my dentist refers me to a specialist?

Q. What happens if I visit an out-of-state dentist?

Q. Can I receive dental treatment when I am out of the country?

Q. Does Delta Dental require claim forms? Where should claims be sent?

Q. What is my subscriber ID number?

Q. How can I get a replacement ID card?

Q. I'm covered under more than one dental plan. How does my coverage work?

Q. Who do I contact with questions about my benefits or claims?

Dental Insurance Basics

Q. What is an annual maximum?

Q. What is a benefit period?

Q. What is coinsurance?

Q. What is coordination of benefits or COB?

Q. What is a deductible?

Q. What is an explanation of benefits or EOB?

Q. What are limitations or exclusions?

Q. What is a pre-treatment estimate or predetermination of benefits?


Q. How do I register for an account on

Q. Can my spouse or children register for their own account on

Q. I forgot my username/password—Help!

Q. Which website should I use, or my member company's website?

Q. I switched jobs, but I still have Delta Dental for my dental benefits. Can I use the same account information to log in at

Q. My employer switched our dental benefits to a different Delta Dental member company. Can I use the same account information to log in at