Delta Dental Mobile

Delta Dental's mobile app gives you access to our most used website features, whenever and where ever you need them. The simple step-by-step directions below walk you through how to use our dentist search, benefits and eligibility, claims status, mobile ID card and toothbrush timer.

Searching for a Dentist
1. Click the Find a Dentist button on the main menu.
2. Select your Plan (Network), or leave it blank to search all. This field will automatically default to your plan when you are logged in to the app.
3. Select a Specialty, if applicable. No selection defaults to General Dentist.
4. Enter your dentist's last name if you are looking for a specific provider.
5. Search by your current location using your device's GPS, or search by an important address, like home or work.
6. Your results can be filtered (gender, language spoken, accessibility) or sorted (distance, dentist name) to help you find a dentist that suits your specific needs.
7. Once you've selected a dentist, save your dentist to your contacts, call to schedule an appointment or navigate directly to their office with the touch of your finger.

View Coverage and Claims Information
1. Click My Coverage and Claims on the main menu to check your coverage information or see claims status.
2. The Overview page shows you your plan type, benefit levels and contact information for your Delta Dental company.
3. The Details page shows you your deductibles and maximums.
3. The Claims page lets you check the status of your most recent dental claims. Click on a claim to view details. From the detail page, you can click to email the claim information.
4. To check coverage and claims for a dependent, click the Find Dependent Information button from the Overview page and enter their name and date of birth. You'll then be able to view Overview, Details and Claims information for that dependent.

Please note information displayed may vary based on your particular coverage. For more information on your coverage, contact your Delta Dental company.

View your Mobile ID Card
1. Click the My ID Card button on the menu menu.
2. Your ID card will appear on your screen.
3. If you have dual coverage, swipe left and right to view your other ID card(s).
4. Click the Email ID Card to send your card to your dental office or one of your dependents.

Brush with Toothbrush Timer
1. Click the Toothbrush Timer button on the menu.
2. Click Brush to start the timer. The timer will count up and music will play.
3. Click Pause to stop while brushing.
4. At the end of two minutes, the timer will stop. Press Reset to start over.

Download our PDF flyer on Delta Dental's mobile app.