Preventive Dental Care Study

Information for Dentists

Delta Dental is dedicated to improving oral health, and we know that you share that same dedication. Our recent Preventive Dental Care Study, which included data from more than 97 million Delta Dental claims, found that many patients are not visiting you often enough to receive the preventive care they need. The study revealed that only half of adults with periodontal disease received the recommended two or more cleanings or periodontal maintenance appointments per year, even though all of Delta Dental's benefit plans cover at least two such treatments per year.

The study also found that higher-risk children are often not receiving protective preventive treatments. Sealants and fluoride are often covered under dental plans, and receiving these treatments can prevent your patients from needing restorative work that is more expensive and more painful.

We encourage you to make your patients aware of their oral health risk level, and of which preventive dental treatments are most beneficial for their oral health. At Delta Dental, we are committed to helping you deliver this message. Download our printable flyer on Protecting the Oral Health of Your Patients for more information. We also have printable flyers on Fluoride, Sealants and Periodontal Maintenance that are great resources for educating your patients about preventive dental care.