Meet your teeth

You use them every day, but how well do you really know them? Open wide to learn about the types, functions and lifecycles of your teeth.

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5 tooth-friendly veggies to plant in your garden

With springtime blooming, gardeners are rustling through their toolsheds and breaking out their shovels. Among the cornucopia of possibilities to plant, fresh vegetables stand out as some of the best options for harvesting a healthy smile.

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Dental trend spotlight: Sparkling water

Drinking sparkling water is a hip trend, but is it good for your smile?

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On topic with Dr. Kohn: Select beverages with health in mind

Everything you eat and drink can have positive and/or negative effects on your overall health and well-being. The healthier the foods and drinks you consume, the better you will look, feel, sleep and perform in physical activities.

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Super greens for pearly whites

Vitamin K helps fortify bones and teeth – and kale is packed with it! Get to know the history and health benefits of this leafy superfood.

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