Stressful times on wall street could take health toll

Teeth-clenching financial times lead to worn down teeth, jaw, neck & head pain

OAK BROOK,Illinois- With tumultuous times on Wall Street already causing financial pains to many Americans, the stress it leads to could cause pains of another kind.

According to Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA), an increase in stress, such as that due to a tumultuous stock market, can cause teeth clenching and grinding, known as bruxism, a condition that can lead to worn down and broken teeth and jaw, neck and head pain.

Other factors that can possibly cause teeth grinding, says DDPA, include: anxiety, stress, anger, frustration or tension – all feelings someone may experience when checking their 401k, retirement, or other investments lately.

What are some symptoms of tooth clenching and grinding?

  • Headache or earache Jaw, neck or back muscle tenderness, especially in the morning 
  • Hot, cold, or sweet sensitivity in the teeth
  • Difficulty sleeping, including for your sleeping partner since teeth grinding can be very noisy
  • Sore or painful jaw

While DDPA doesn’t offer financial advice, they do serve up some tips when it comes to your oral health. While it’s important to kick the teeth-clenching habit, here are some things to ease the pain and damage to your teeth while breaking the cycle:

  • Relax face and jaw muscles. Practicing this throughout the day can help create a habit of relaxing instead of tightening these muscles.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Everything from eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and getting regular exercise to spending time with people you enjoy can help.
  • Tell your dentist. He or she may suggest a mouth guard or splint appliance. There are different types depending on individual needs.