Broker FAQ

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How do I become an appointed broker with Delta Dental?

The process varies by state. To become an approved Delta Dental broker, please contact the Delta Dental company in your state.


How do I know which Delta Dental my client should work with?

You should select the Delta Dental located in the state where your client is headquartered. Our RFP Assistant can help you find the appropriate contact information and submit a request for proposal for your client.


Where can I find rate information for my clients?

Plans and rates vary by location and group size. Your local Delta Dental sales representative can assist you in choosing the best coverage and rates for your clients. Use our RFP Assistant to find local contact information and submit a request for proposal for your client.


How many employees are necessary for enrollment?

Group sizes vary depending on your area and plan choices. For more information about the requirements for enrollment in your area, please visit your local Delta Dental's website.


Are Delta Dental products available in all states?

Yes. Through our national network of Delta Dental companies, we offer dental insurance products in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories. Your client's employees are covered no matter where they live or work. Some Delta Dental products even offer coverage for dental emergencies outside of the U.S.


My client has employees across the country. Is coverage different for employees who live out of state?

Out-of-state employees have the same coverage as employees who live within the state where your client is headquartered (subject to applicable law).

Because Delta Dental offers the nation's largest network, it's easy to find an in-network provider in all 50 states. 


Which Delta Dental network should I recommend to my client, Delta Dental Premier® or Delta Dental PPO®?

The Delta Dental PPO® network offers greater savings to employers and employees, while the Delta Dental Premier® network offers access to a greater number of dentists. Contact your local Delta Dental to learn more. 


What are the benefits of visiting a Delta Dental network dentist?

  • When a member visits a network dentist, they enjoy the following benefits:
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs than if they received care from an out-of-network dentist because our network dentists have agreed to accept reduced fees.
  • Balance billing is not allowed. Our network dentists agree to accept Delta Dental's fee and the patient co-payment or deductible (if applicable) as full payment.*
  • There are no claims forms to fill out because our network dentists submit them directly to Delta Dental.
  • We pay the dentist directly, so your client doesn't have to wait for a reimbursement check.

Your clients can have confidence in our ongoing relationships with our network dentists, who we’ve ensured meet national credentialing standards.


*If your client has reached the annual dollar maximum or a frequency limitation for a given procedure covered by your policy, then they will be responsible for the charges.


Will my clients have access to out-of-network dentists as well?

It depends on their plan. Most of our plans allow individuals to visit any dentist they choose, while some require individuals to visit a network dentist in order to receive benefits. It’s important to remember that even for plans that do allow individuals to visit out-of-network dentists, out-of-pocket costs may be higher. Individuals receive the greatest value when they visit an in-network dentist.




What tools are available on the Broker section of

Our website offers information and resources for brokers. For additional tools and resources, visit your local Delta Dental website. Many offer additional broker tools such as online quoting and group enrollment tools.


How do I sign in to

We do not currently have a secure portal for brokers on, but many of our Delta Dental companies have online tools available to brokers. Please visit your local Delta Dental's website to register for an account.