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Employee dental insurance coverage

Bring ‘Smile Power’ to your business with group dental insurance.

Dental insurance plans offer flexible, affordable benefits that your employees want. Including affordable insurance as part of your employee insurance package is a smart choice.

Improve employee wellness with the power of a healthy smile

Save on insurance costs


Savings on all claims paid both in and out of network — the best effective discount in the industry.1

Provide value for your employees


Of consumers say it is extremely important to have dental checkups.2

Attract, hire, and retain top talent


Of employees say better health, dental, and vision insurance are factors they consider when choosing a job.3

Delta Dental is the perfect partner for your company

Delta Dental’s nationwide network provides coverage to over 78 million Americans — nearly a quarter of the U.S. population — through 39 Delta Dental member companies servicing all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Delta Dental is the perfect partner for your employees’ dental insurance needs because we offer:

Trusted experience

Delta Dental serves more than 139,000 groups nationwide, providing dental insurance plans for companies large and small. Our Delta Dental sales representatives are here to help you choose the best coverage for your company.    

National access, localized options 

As part of the network with the largest number of dentists, Delta Dental companies provide the customized care your employees need and local service for your HR team. Our Premiere Plan provides access to over 75% of oral health providers nationwide, while the Delta Dental PPO includes nearly half of all U.S. dental professionals.

Better service 

Because Delta Dental specializes in dental insurance, we are able to help your employees navigate care options and claims processing so that they can achieve optimal oral health. Our representatives are trained to explain out-of-pocket fees, deductibles, waiting periods and other common employee questions.    


Key statistics

  • Nearly half of U.S. Fortune 1000 companies offer Delta Dental. 
  • Over 75% of dentists in the United States have chosen to be a part of Delta Dental’s network.
  • 90% of employers say that accuracy and efficiency of claims handling is a top purchasing decision.² 


Our experts make it easy to navigate dental insurance

Healthy smiles are our priority, so we are committed to providing you with the services, tools and resources you need to help employees achieve better oral health, such as: 

  • Efficient claims processing.
  • Cost transparency tools and expense calculators.
  • Dedicated and experienced account managers.
  • Oral health education programs.


Providing dental insurance creates a happier, heathier workforce

At work, the health and well-being of your team is key to success. Delta Dental understands the power of a healthy smile, and we help you provide subscribers and their employees with the best dental insurance benefits possible. 

Dental insurance plans are critical to employee health and wellness because they: 


Help employees stay healthy

Dental plans generally cover 100% of preventive care, including checkups, X-rays, cleanings, and other diagnostic and preventative services. Having dental insurance increases the chance employees will seek out preventive services before an issue creates more serious health concerns, potentially requiring costly procedures. 78% of Americans are more likely to seek preventive or restorative care, if they have dental insurance.5


Protect your employees from high costs through negotiated network discounts

With more than 75% of all U.S. dentists in our network and the largest effective discount on dental services, we make it easy for your employees to get the care they need. The result? More frequent preventive appointments, fewer incidences of major and emergency dental services, and improved overall health.


Boost workplace productivity

Employees with good oral health are more likely to perform well and miss fewer days of work due to oral health problems. 63% of Americans say better oral health helps them feel more confident.6 1 in 5 American adults missed work in 2016 due to oral health concerns.7

Your employees deserve Delta Dental. 





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