Choosing a dental insurance company

There are many factors to consider when choosing a dental insurance company. The financial and dental care benefits you receive by being a part of a dental plan can go a long way, so take the time to consider your specific needs. Know that there are a variety of dental insurance companies out there and it’s important to choose one that is both affordable and provides the coverage and level of care you require.

Here are some essential tips for how to choose the best dental insurance company.


Tips for Choosing the Best Dental Insurance Company

When it comes to dental health, everyone has different needs and concerns. However, most people are generally looking for a dental insurance company with a good reputation, affordable dental plans, and coverage for a range of treatment options. When researching what dental insurance company is right for you and your family, we recommend starting with the following tips. 


Research Each Dental Insurance Company's History and Reputation

It is important to research the history and reputation of each dental insurance company in your consideration set before you make a decision. Is this company a leader in their industry? Are their members writing positive reviews about the company on the internet? Your dentist’s opinion is valuable, so it may be worthwhile to ask them what company they recommend from a reputation standpoint and factor their insight into your decision.


Think About Network Size

The number of providers in the network is something to consider when choosing a dental insurance company. There are a lot of benefits to being a part of a larger dental network such as the ability to choose from a large pool of dentists, and the increased likelihood of being able to stay in-network should you need to find a new dentist.

That being said, a large network without the right dentists might as well be a small one. What matters most is the expertise of the particular dentist you see, the services and treatment they offer, and that you are getting personalized care. Depending on your oral health needs, you may want to take a deep dive into the dental specialists available in each dental insurance company's network – from a general dentist to oral surgeons and periodontists. You will want to ensure your dental needs will be fully met.


Investigate the Dentists in Your Area

Everyone wants the convenience of seeing a dentist that is close to home. Not only is it less time consuming, but the likelihood of making those annual appointments increases, and your dental health will certainly benefit. That's why it is important to make sure there are a number of noteworthy dentists in your area covered by the company and the specific plan that you choose.

There’s no reason to search far and wide for optimal dental care, so start with your own neighborhood, learn which dentists your neighbors are seeing, and don’t be afraid to let convenience be a factor in your decision-making process. Delta Dental's Find a Dentist tool makes this process easy. 



Understand the Different Kinds of Dental Plans Offered

Looking at the different kinds of individual dental insurance available at each company can be a little overwhelming. When selecting a plan, it is important to consider the needs of each family member and the services each plan covers in addition to the costs associated with each service. It is important to understand the types of plans available as well as the coverage provided within each plan when choosing a dental insurance company.


  • The Type of Plan: You may have heard of PPO and DHMO plans, but the list doesn’t end there. Dental insurance companies offer an abundance of unique plans that differ in regard to how you pay and the types of services offered. Take a look at each plan you are considering and base your decision on what options are best fit for you.
  • The Coverage That is Provided: The levels of coverage provided differ from plan to plan. While most insurance plans offer coverage for preventative care including routine cleanings and annual checkups, many plans will not fully cover the cost of “basic” procedures such as filings and simple extractions or “major” procedures which include dental treatments such as dentures and crowns. 


Learn about some of Delta Dental’s individual dental insurance plans.


Get to Know the Customer Services & Experience

Customer experience should also be a factor you consider. You want to feel supported at each step of your dental health journey. Before making any decisions about a dental insurance company, chat with a company representative and see what kind of experience you have. A dental insurance company with an accommodating, supportive representative team could be a good fit. This experience could also be a telling sign of how the rest of your dental care journey will go.


Explore Resources & Tools Available

There are a variety of resources and tools available that allow you to research on the go and find the dental information you need with ease.  Exceptional dental insurance companies have invested in self-service or digital tools to help their members have great experiences.

Everything from exploring the cost of dental care to finding in-network dentists and viewing appointment times, claims, and coverage information on the go, these tools were made to help simplify and improve the online experience for members.


Here are just a few digital tools that are popular with Delta Dental members:

  • Cost EstimatorOur Dental Care Cost Estimator provides members with estimated cost ranges for common dental care needs.
  • Find a DentistOur Find a Dentist tool helps members locate in-network dentists in their area quickly and easily.
  • Delta Dental AppThe Delta Dental App gives members access to Delta Dental's most popular subscriber tools, right on their mobile devices, for easy information on the go. 


Selecting a dental insurance company is an important part of caring for you and your family’s oral health. With so many options and so much information on plans, coverage, and deductibles, comparing all of the details can be overwhelming. Delta Dental wants to make the process as easy as possible. Getting optimum dental care should never be stressful, and we are dedicated to helping you through each step of your oral health journey.


Additional Resources

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