The value of voluntary benefits to employees

As companies look to reduce costs, decision-makers may consider cutting dental coverage. Instead of getting rid of it altogether, voluntary benefits can be a viable solution. By shifting a portion or all of the cost to employees, voluntary benefits help save money while preserving the numerous advantages of dental benefits. 

Cost savings

Even if employees pay 100 percent of the premium, there are several advantages they can only access through voluntary plans versus finding coverage on their own. Voluntary benefits can mean reduced rates for employees because their premium will be based on group rates.  In addition, employees may pay their premium automatically through the company, allowing them to receive pre-tax savings through payroll deductions. 


Voluntary benefits don’t just offer cost savings; they also offer time savings. By managing their dental benefits through an employer, employees experience a more convenient way to pay their premiums via payroll deductions. Plus, they can rely on the company’s educational resources to understand their plan and find help navigating the world of dental benefits by leaning on the expertise of their company. 

Employee morale

Voluntary dental benefits may also help with employee morale. Employees consistently rate dental insurance as a “very important” part of a benefits package.  Companies that offer dental benefits send a clear message that they prioritize employee needs, health and well-being. This conscious effort to take care of employees can contribute positively to workplace morale. 

Voluntary benefits offer a unique cost-saving option for companies and significant advantages for employees. To learn if voluntary benefits are right for your company, contact your broker or local Delta Dental representative today.

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