New poll finds majority of Americans have experienced better oral health habits, healthier lifestyles, and financial benefits as a result of having dental insurance 


OAK BROOK, ILL. — September 30, 2020 — As communities continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining good overall health is of the utmost importance, which is why Delta Dental is shining a spotlight on oral health’s connection to overall health. Today, Delta Dental released new data that highlights the overall health and financial benefits that dental insurance provides and reminds Americans that Delta Dental is the perfect partner in achieving optimal oral and overall health.

“According to a new poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans have experienced the positive impact dental insurance can have on oral and overall health. In fact, two of the top-cited benefits of having dental insurance include its ability to enable Americans to lead a healthy lifestyle (86%) and encourage better oral health habits (86%),” said Emily O’Brien, spokeswoman for the Delta Dental Plans Association. “Delta Dental encourages Americans to remain focused on their health and find a dental insurance plan that meets their needs, helps them save money, and enables them to receive care from dedicated dentists across the country.”

In addition, this new poll also found that many Americans also recognize the financial benefits that dental insurance provides: a substantial majority know that having dental insurance saves them money in the long-run (80%), is worth the cost (75%) and provides discounts pre-negotiated with their dentist (71%). 

Selecting a dental plan that is right for you

Learn more about selecting a dental plan that is right for you by visiting Delta Dental’s “Protect my Smile: Dental Insurance” page. Topics include:

  • How to choose a dental plan
  • The value of dental insurance
  • Medicare dental insurance coverage
  • Understanding your “Explanation of Benefits”
  • Common dental insurance terms to know

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About the survey

The Adult’s Oral Health & Well-Being Survey was conducted between December 30, 2019 and January 11, 2020 among a nationally representative sample of 1,055 Americans ages 18+. The margin of error is +/- 3.02%


About Delta Dental Plans Association

Delta Dental Plans Association, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, is the not-for-profit national association of the 39 independent Delta Dental companies. Through these companies, Delta Dental is the nation’s largest provider of dental insurance, covering more than 80 million Americans, and offering the country’s largest dental network with approximately 156,000 participating dentists. In 2019, Delta Dental companies provided approximately $76 million in direct and in-kind community outreach support to improve the oral health of adults, children and infants in local communities across the country. For more information, visit:

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