Corporate signature

Placement, protected space and minimum size

Placement and required protected space

Keeping the corporate signature isolated from other graphic elements is important. Protected space should surround the signature, separating it from headlines, text and the outside edge of the document or application. The only exception to preferred and alternate placement guidelines is relative to the edge of your document or application. You may position the signature in any location on the perimeter of the document or application, provided you either honor the protected space described above or fully abut one (or two) side(s) of the signature to the edge of the application or document. Any non-abutted side of the signature must continue to honor the protected space rule.

Please contact to inquire about exceptions where space is limited.



Preferred placement:

Upper left corner of page with bleed

Preferred placement:

Bottom right corner of page with bleed

Alternate placement:

The corporate signature may be used in other placements throughout a document as long as protected space guidelines are applied across all sides of the logo. 

Protected space for unbounded logo:

In all cases, the protected space should be the area defined by the Delta symbol. (For examples, click here.)

Protected space — Delta symbol


Protected space for bounded Delta symbol:

There are no protected space requirements for the bounded Delta symbol as long as it is used for the following approved digital purposes: favicons, social media profile pictures, Delta Dental mobile app icon, and “About Us” button within the app.  


Protected space for unbounded Delta symbol: 

In all cases, the protected space for the unbounded Delta symbol should be the width of the base of the inner triangle. 

Minimum size

Minimum size of the corporate signature and Delta symbol: 

The corporate signature and the Delta symbol should be large enough to be clearly visible and legible within the specific application while continuing to observe protected space guidelines. 


The signature should only be reproduced from the authorized electronic artwork, which is available in the Resource Library.