Visual Language

Iconography, illustrations and infographics

Iconography style

Delta Dental’s iconography style is simple, clean and modern with consistent, thin geometric lines applied.

  • Icons are flat and not three-dimensional.
  • Iconography should rely exclusively on the Delta Dental color palette.
  • Icons should convey friendliness and approachability, but not appear too cartoony.
  • All icons should be the same size and scale. Grid spacing should be utilized to help achieve a consistent size and clear space surrounding the icon.
  • Stroke and fills should be consistently styled across all icons. The default for stroke lines should be 1pt green or black, but other colors within the palette are also acceptable when necessary. Icon fills should use no more than two tint variations.
  • Icons should clearly articulate the intended message.
  • Avoid using icons that feature text.   

Click here to access the icon library.



Illustration style — general principles  

Illustrations are an important part of the Brand’s visual identity system. They help to tell a story and provide additional clarity to complex topics and messages.   

  • Delta Dental’s illustration style is simple, clean and modern.  
  • The Delta Dental color palette should be applied to as much of the illustration as possible to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the image.
  • To avoid over complicating the design, be mindful when applying shadows, contrast and/or textures. 



Infographics — best practices 

Infographics help to visually articulate information and data.

  • An infographic should start with a clear and focused message that is developed to align with the defined target audience.
  • All visual elements used should be consistently styled.
  • Use clear and concise headlines and titles; avoid copy that is too wordy or confusing.
  • Use different font sizes and weights to help establish hierarchies and emphasize key information.
  • Allow for white space throughout the infographic so the content is easy to understand, digest and follow.
  • Footnotes should be included for any information that requires sourcing. Ensure that the most recent data available is used.