Hearty vegetarian chili

Packed with veggies and flavor, this fall-inspired spin on a vegetarian favorite will warm you up and fill you up on chilly nights.

Get the recipe
Yoga and teeth Yoga and teeth Yoga and teeth

An asana for teeth

Yoga with goats isn’t the only way this popular practice will put a smile on your face.

See what yoga can do for you
Pumpkin patch Pumpkin patch Pumpkin patch

Your fall checklist

Keep the smiles coming all season long.

Find a new reason to enjoy the season
Nail biting Nail biting Nail biting

Think nail biting is harmless?

It can damage your teeth and your body.

Try these tips to break the habit

Identify your toothbrushing style

We may all brush differently, but most of us have room for improvement.

Take your technique to the next level

Get your facts (and teeth) straight

Braces are an effective treatment for misaligned teeth. But do you know the full story?

Sort braces fact from fiction

Your oral health needs can change over time

Protecting your teeth as you age can help protect your entire body.

Prep your smile for the golden years

The dangers of e-cigarettes

Even your mouth can’t hide from the consequences of vaping.

See why you should stay away

What’s in a tooth?

Sometimes it’s the truth behind a grisly tale of murder.

Dive into forensic dentistry
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