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Study Reveals Delta Dental is Number One with Consumers, Dentists, Brokers and Benefits Decision Makers


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Oak Brook, Ill. (February 23, 2009) - Delta Dental maintains powerful brand, reputation and competitive advantages over other dental benefit carriers with consumers, dentists, benefits decision makers and brokers. These findings are revealed in a biennial Delta Dental Plans Association "Brand Awareness and Perception Survey" of these four key groups.1

"We are very pleased with the results of this survey and will use its findings to enhance our understanding of what is most important to these constituencies, to continue to build upon our successes, and to help guide development of new dental benefits features and plans," says Tom Dolatowski, vice president of marketing for Delta Dental Plans Association.

Delta Dental is the established leader among consumers surveyed and far outperforms the competition in measures of brand familiarity, reputation and share of mind. Those consumers who chose Delta Dental say the following 10 attributes are most important: 1) best value; 2) quality care; 3) a company you trust; 4) easy to use; 5) customer service; 6) fast claims processing; 7) explain coverage; 8) many dentists; 9) information for smart decisions; and 10) problem resolution.

The study reveals that practicing dentists view Delta Dental two and a half times more favorably than competing brands; and dentists say they work with Delta Dental more frequently than all other carriers combined. Dentists view Delta Dental as a superior carrier with demonstrated strengths in reliability and responsiveness.

Dentists who work with Delta Dental say they most value the following 10 attributes: 1) fast claims processing; 2) prompt payment; 3) customer service; 4) complex issue resolution; 5) a company you trust; 6) easy claims submission; 7) problem resolution; 8) quality of care; 9) friendly 1-800; and 10) prompt follow up.

The Delta Dental brand is recognized by brokers who recommend Delta Dental more than any other dental benefits carrier. Brokers who recommend Delta Dental most frequently name the following 10 attributes as most important: 1) customer service; 2) many dentists; 3) fast claims processing; 4) best value; 5) friendly 1-800; 6) a company you trust; 7) problem resolution; 8) prompt follow up; 9) easy to use; and 10) easy to administer.

Delta Dental outperforms the competition on all attributes of importance to benefits decision makers who consider the brand three times more frequently than its competitors. Delta Dental holds a significant advantage with benefits decision makers in terms of brand awareness, reputation, retention, and market share. Among benefits decision makers, Delta Dental possesses more brand advocates than any other competitor.

Benefits decision makers with Delta Dental benefits identify the following attributes as most important: 1) customer service; 2) best value; 3) a company you trust; 4) fast claims processing; 5) easy to administer; 6) many dentists; 7) easy to use; 8) quality care; 9) friendly 1-800; and 10) rate stability.

"We will use this study to continue to strive to be the best we can be, as America's leading and most experienced dental benefits carrier, with the largest national network of dentists," says Dolatowski. "We could not be the leader without the support of our network dentists, our loyal individual and group clients, and the committed brokers who help market our dental benefit plans."

The not-for-profit Delta Dental Plans Association ( based in Oak Brook, Ill., is the leading national network of independent dental service corporations specializing in providing dental benefits programs to 51 million Americans in more than 93,000 employee groups throughout the country.

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1 The 2008 "Brand Awareness and Perception Study" was conducted by The Long Group. Random 18-minute telephone interviews were conducted with 900 benefits decision makers with greater than 100 employees; 200 producers representing companies that purchase dental insurance; 900 employed consumers between the ages of 25 and 55; and 200 practicing dentists that operate as private practitioners. The samples were drawn from within the 25 largest dental benefits premium states including: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.